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Satellite Citi have tapped into the zeitgeist of society for their latest EP. The darkness of Undead penetrates into the fight for individualism. Pyramid continues this theme commenting on how political corruption in

the “new world order” is turning us against each other, widening the gap between rich and poor and making us puppets of a more extensive system. Anna Gevorkian’s pop rock vocals contradict slow Kill's moody lyrics and misanthropic guitar work. Her drumming is exceptional on the album too, often creating a varied Gothic undertone that plays with complex genre rhythms that are not usually heard in standard rock drumming. Her partner in crime, Shaunt Sulahian’s guitar work is equally diverse. He layers the album with bold melodic riffs and introspective grunge led licks, Collide being an obvious example. On this track, Sulahian uses his guitar work to represent the character’s inner conflict. It’s all powerful stuff.

Themes of revolution, anarchy, rebellion and depression are strong, but politics and turmoil aside this is an album of full-bodied goth rock from an up-and-coming duo.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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