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Take a look at the new politically charged video for the first single from the new album by Fantastic Negrito - Plastic Hamburgers

It's a massive track, with a blistering riff and a really impressive vocal performance - really worth taking a look at!

For some context, he's an incredible multi-instrumentalist with an equally incredible backstory - raised in an orthodox Muslim household as the eighth of fourteen children, his life has been pretty tumultuous, involving fleeing to LA for protection and failed million dollar record deals, to touch on it briefly.

After nearly dying in a car accident in 2000 and coming out of a three week coma, he moved back to Oakland and started a new life as a farmer. He was inspired to pick up the guitar again after the birth of his son, which led him to start writing again - in 2016 he released his debut album The Last Days Of Oakland, which won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album and has since been tearing up festivals and touring with the likes of Chris Cornell.

Inspired by the Delta blues and the roots of the genre but updating it with loops and samples of his live instruments, he's got a really unique and powerful sound and has had support from The Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, Classic Rock, Uncut and Mojo, amongst many others.

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