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Sophia Marshall has released a two-track single that pays tribute to Chrissie Hynde, The Pretenders, living and working in a man’s world, and making no apologies for any of it. The title of the record may be random, but the choice of tracks is not. Produced by Andy Jenkinson, the covers retain the spirit of the originals but are given a radical reworking.

Don't Get Me Wrong offers a simple, laid-back arrangement that allows Marshall’s vocal to flourish over the sweeping drumming and the jangling mandolin. I Go to Sleep becomes a haunting lullaby filled with melancholy and yearning; and on occasion, she sounds like Evanescence's Amy Lee. It's a terrific cover version that honours the heartbreak of the original but adds another level to its meaning.

It takes a lot of guts to cover two timeless pop classics, but Sophia Marshall has managed to do both tracks justice while offering her distinctive stamp on them. Great stuff.

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