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Little Caesar's history is as chequered as the racing flag on their album cover. Formed in 1987 all was going well for the tattoos bikers who blended old school rock melodies with blues-inspired riffs. Then it all went tits up when their record company sold up, and a further mix up with distribution meant that things went south just as they were starting to get going. But here is a band that love what they are doing and you can't keep a good group down. They dusted themselves off (well, lead singer Ron Young got thrown through a window by Arnie in Terminator 2) and kept on going, not even grunge could bury them. After a hiatus in the 90s, the band reformed in 2001 and haven't looked back.

Eight is an album that gets to the heart of their sound. Crushed Velvet is a sexy little number that has as much soul as it does blues. The lead single, Time Enough For That is a nod to the power ballad while Straight Shooter has as much punch as a barroom brawl.

Little Caesar may have their roots in blues rock, but they are more exciting than ZZ Top and have got just as much swagger as Jagger.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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