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Kentish Town Forum

9th March 2018

Florida natives Thomas Wynn and the Believers made their UK debut supporting the Temperance Movement, but from the reception they got

you'd have thought they were regular performers on these shores. Their music is a composite of blues, rock, gospel – all the good stuff. Although they are known for occasionally pairing down their shows and playing acoustic, they played their set fully wired up. The blood harmonies

between Olivia and Thomas are one of the most identifying features of the band, that and their terrific songwriting. Performing tracks from their latest Album Wade Waist Deep the band gradually got heavier as their set went on. Man Out of Time was a powerful display of their sound. A terrific cover of Bruce Springsteen's Another City also showed the versatility of this dynamic group. Turn it into Gold finished the set with a full scale electric onslaught that marked them out as one band who we should see a lot more of in future.

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