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Despite the initial suggestion hinted at in their name, that pop music may be the spawn of the devil, the founder and vocalist of the band Leigh Kakaty has the opinion that they are parts of the same coin: one is yin one is yang. This natural duality is part and parcel of the band's identity and objective to have great melodies, loud crunching guitars, heavy metal rhythms and memorable pop-styled choruses. This mission statement is there from the fierce grinding guitar and percussion of Waking Lions which soon morphs into the dark chordal progressions to the radio-friendly chorus: it's addictive alt-pop-rock at it's most melodious incorporating electronica, classic rock and alternative sections.

Five albums into their career the decision to self-title this album could seem like a proud and defiant statement about their musical identity. Colours Bleed takes on a more substantial sound of Drowning Pool, Rage Against The Machine or even Linkin Park who also straddle the camp between two traditionally opposing genres. Ex Machina is a delicious and cinematic track that you could easily imagine closing the credits of some Hollywood epic. Be Legendary draws in a more alt feel and is another track that should be cranked up high and blasted out of a stereo. God's Dam continues with a great pop-rock feel akin to Del Amitri or the Foo Fighters. It may sound as if the album is overly influenced by chart acts, but although the influences are apparent, Pop Evil indeed have an individual style that can intertwine genres with comparative ease. 'There's evil in us all' Kakaty extols in Colours Bleed; if there were a little more in pop music these days perhaps it wouldn't have become so generic. Fans of decent pop melodies and chugging rock sounds will find this album hits the spot.

Groupie Rating 4/5


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