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Back in 2009 when Mott The Hoople announced they were reforming for a series of shows at the Hammersmith Odeon, lifelong Mott fan, Joe Elliott was eager to participate in this historic occasion and the world's greatest covers band was born. Enter Down N' Outz: comprising of Elliot, backed by members of Raw, The Quireboys, Wayward Sons and Vixen the band play rarities from all of Ian Hunters bands: British Lions, Mott and of course his solo work.

Those who attended the Mott gig all those years ago would be hearing tracks that they would probably never hear played live again. Now with the live CD/DVD finally released from their Sheffield gig in 2014, we can all get to experience some of these outstanding songs in a live arena. Def Leppard and The Quireboys are known for their exceptionally energetic live shows, so from the opening bars of Funeral For A Friend (Love Lies Bleeding), it's pretty obvious that the band are pulling all the stops out for the occasion. The pure sass Storm could be easily have been off a Leppard or Quireboys album. Overnight Angels packs the same stadium sound that you'd expect from the calibre of musicians that are on the album. Keith Weir's keyboard work is characteristically on point, Paul Guerin (Guitar) and Guy Griffin (Guitar) sparkle and the percussion section made up of Phil Martini (drums) and Share Ross (bass) add a gritty depth to the music.

The Further Live Adventures and reissues,( Re-Generation and The Further Adventures Of...) deliver the music of Ian Hunter in a vibrant reworking. The enthusiasm that flows from every song shows that Down 'N Outz are a band who love the music they are performing and play it in their own raucous style. It's just a pity that they only focus on cover versions, their synergy as a musical unit could bring so much more to the table. But, for now, this astonishing group of musicians focus on bringing the music of Mott to a new audience, then you can't go wrong here. These releases are top notch albums and the red hot sound from their work is enough to roll the stones away.

Groupie Rating 5/5

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