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Revolution Saints are back with a second album. The supergroup trio features Deen Castronovo, Jack Blades and Doug Aldrich, all musicians who have played in some of the biggest bands in rock: Dio, Deep Purple, Whitesnake and journey. Given their pedigree, it is of little surprise that the Revolution Saints sound is full-scale stadium rock. Tinged with sounds from the 80s Light in the Dark seems very much like a Journey album. Given that Castronovo vocals are so much like Steve Perry gives further credence to their overall tone.

The title track hooks you in very much the same way that all staple classic rock songs do. It's got a melodic riff and hook from the outset, the infectious singalong chorus, bags of energy, and all the obligatory soloing, big vocals dynamic drumming and propelling baselines that you would demand from rockers of this calibre. From here on in it's all pretty much as you'd expect from your average bog standard rock album from the inspirational lyrics of Ride On to the soaring melody of Freedom, Revolution Saints have got it all covered. They shun the clichéd air grabs of other rock balladeers and swap flouncy showmanship for quietly introspective on I Wouldn't Change a Thing. Despite the macho bravado that is usually associated with rock this track shows a softer side. Castronovo's vocals are honest and tender. There's even a nod to Journeys iconic Don't Stop Believing within Don't Surrender that ties the lineage of the bands together.

The musicianship on the album is first rate, Castronovo's vocals are exceptional and his drumming is heavy but not so much that it detracts. Blade's basslines are textured and Aldrich's guitar work is the cherry on the cake for the album in terms of melody. Despite this, it still sounds very much like an album of Journey deep cuts and there's nothing hugely memorable here apart from the work of the individual musicians. Light in the Dark isn't a bad rock album, but it's not a revolutionary one either.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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