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It was only a few years ago that Walter Trout's life was hanging by a thread. In need of a liver transplant and staring death in the face – and thankfully winning - he was fortunately given a new lease of life. He had been given 90 days, transplant or bust, but he managed to find all the aces and made it through and out the other side. There could be a blues story song in that. The bluesman continued his 50 plus year career as if nothing had ever happened. Watching him up close in the intimacy of the Harpenden Halls, Trout is clearly a man who is relishing every moment of performing a live show and plays with the zeal and vigour of a man half his age. Possibly in the knowledge that he very nearly wasn't around at all inspires him to kick ass when he caresses or attacks his fretboard, he really feels it!

When it comes to modern blues music Trout's distinctive guitar work has gathered him acclaim from all over the world and he is often sited as one of the best guitarists ever. Trout leaves us in little doubt that he is still king of the blues when he launches into extended versions of his material - Saw My Mama Cryin' being a volcanic

example of the emotion and passion that he puts into his performances, prompting an exhausted Trout to joke 'I've only got one of those in me a night.' There's some newer material on offer too from his latest album We're All In This Together like Got Nothin' Left and of course the title track.

Supporting is Sari Schorr and red hot blues singer with the flavour of Janis Joplin and Beth Hart. Schorr and her clean playing guitarist Innes Sibun even joined Trout and his band on stage for an explosive few numbers, making the audience feel that this blues jam could have gone on all night.

For a man who was so close to the edge of death such a short time ago, there is little doubt that Walter Trout is in his prime and deserves every bit of praise and acclaim he has achieved.

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