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For most of us the music of Michael Jackson has been a backdrop to our lives. There's not a day that goes by where you won't hear one of his songs on the radio, from his earliest work with the Jackson 5 to his solo material. Even though he tragically passed away too young in 2009 his legacy on the world of popular music cannot be denied. You only have to look at the work and videos of modern artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift to see Jackson's influence on not only their arrangements but also their dance routines. The King of Pop honours Michael Jackson's timeless legacy to popular music, popular culture, showmanship and stagecraft. Featuring the worlds no1 MJ tribute act, Navi The King of Pop show has toured all over the world and even performed for Michael at his Neverland ranch.

Navi's portrayal of Michael is more than a tribute act, although billed as such, he is sometimes MORE Michael than Michael, his every move is Michael, his voice, both speaking and singing is Michael. The likeness is uncanny, so much so that Navi has just finished filming a feature film for Showtime entitled Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland, which is due out later this year.

The show takes us through MJ's back catalogue staying true to his choreography and costume. Navi captures Jackson's movements and energy too, often entering the auditorium to interact with fans of all ages. Dirty Diana sees Navi take to the stage for a solo performance of an incredible standard. Navi also includes one of MJ's more controversial and political songs They Don't Really Care About Us. The track is usually forgotten from many playlists but is an important and valued track from Jackson's repertoire that deserves inclusion, especially in the cruel world that Michael tried to inject compassion into. This special show also features Jennifer Batten who was regarded for many years as MJ's right-hand girl and lead guitar on all three of his world tours. A skilled guitarist, Batten adds further realism to the show offering some serious shredding on Beat It and Thriller.

The King of Pop show is a fitting and tasteful tribute to an artist who has been such an integral part of many of our lives in the past 40 years and is not hard to see why Michael Jackson earned that title and long may he reign.

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