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The self-titled debut album from Irish-Canadian band ROMES is a non-stop high. Opening with the reggae-inspired rhythms of Believe we are in the euphoric world of ROMES. The self-proclaiming empowerment and "energy of a tidal wave" that Jacob Alexander exults at the start becomes like a motto for the band. As the album progresses with continual electronic enthusiasm the rosy and youthful gauze never lifts: there are no downers here only uppers. When the Night Comes has the sophistication of other alt-pop-rock bands from Scissor Sisters to King No One or Don Broco. Alexander also shows off his soulful pop vocals on this track too, drawing Michael Jackson and George Michael. There's an infectious retro feel to the track that should grant the band plenty of radio time.

Even more sensual tracks on the album like Spend the Night or In The Wild have an adolescent charm and naivety. Towards the end of the album, the party is still not over and ROMES are climbing the walls. We've loved and lost love along the way, but it's surprisingly optimistic. Summer Sound is another upbeat pop groove with yet more shouting from the rooftops. Compared to other artists who relish in the misery and wallow in pity of a love gone south, ROMES shun the negativity in a very carefree way. Skeptics listening may grimace at the saccharine optimism that underpins the album, but there is a wisdom to be taken in their defiant refusal to be dragged down, no matter what life throws at them. The passion and enthusiasm that ROMES agave harnessed into their debut album is something that we could all benefit from. In the words of When Harry Met Sally "I'll have what [they're] having. "

Groupie Rating 3/5

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