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Wayward Sons is the new band formed by Toby Jepson (on vocals and guitar) and feature Sam Wood (Guitar), Nic Wastell (Bass), Dave Kemp (Keys) and Phil Martini (Drums). Their music is vibrant, energetic and full on hard rock. The songs have a lineage to Jepson's other projects as a musician and producer from Little Angels to Toseland, Wayward Sons have all the hallmarks of Jepson's work. Of course there are influences of other rock bands like Thin Lizzy, Tom Petty and Danko Jones along the way too.

For Jepson the album is also a personal one, as he explains - “I feel I have unfinished business, stories still left to tell, points to make, noise to create, all of the above... besides, it wasn't a choice, more of a need. My intention is very simple. I want to write about what makes me tick; about what I believe in.” It's true to say that the album is a passionate piece of work from the album opener Alive and the-the defensive Until The End to the disenfranchised aggression of Small Talk this is an album that never sags but drives ahead at full speed with profound determination and grit.

I Don't Wanna Go has the burning bass lines of sweaty, biker rock whilst Killing Time and Crush adds a splash of light punk into the mix. Jepson is adept is creating raucous melodies that are injected with furious guitars and frenzied percussion. He can also spin out a memorable hook and the album is full of them. It's not Jepson's best work to date, but it's an enjoyable enough listen and the band kick out some tasteful licks along the way.

If the album is about settling old scores and laying demons to rest, any ghosts who have yet to rear their heads shouldn't be too much of a problem. The Ghosts of Yet To Come is an energetic powerhouse of melody from a master of uptempo and ear-pleasing rock.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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