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Belgian trio Triggerfinger already have a firm hold on the European scene playing huge venues, selling out their own headline shows, opening for RHCP, The Rolling Stones (twice), Thin Lizzy and Therapy? to name a few, but after four albums and relentless touring it was time to shake things up a bit.

Working with Producer Mitchell Froom the band took an anything goes approach in order to serve the songs. There's keys, two bass guitars, samples, acoustic elements, whatever the band needed to help them experiment and construct a diverse sound. As the album move on be prepared for anything from acoustic ballads, instrumentals and glam rock. There's some trippy lyrics too for you to listen out for like "cave of nakedness" and “a chain reaction in your favourite cookie jar” that hint of the stoner prog groove that runs through the album. Even the bizarre album cover of a two headed behemoth looks like it should come out of MTV's animation show Liquid Television.

Candy Killer is brilliantly surreal and Bring Me Back A Live One are certainly album highlights on this diverse work. Triggerfinger have certainly proved that when left to their own devices they can create some modern psychedelic grooves, unusual melodies and a large than life sound.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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