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Kryptonite is the brainchild of producer Alessandro Del Vecchio and Poodles vocalist Jake Samuels. The two joined forces to assemble a band that could offer intelligent and deep music and insightful lyrics, while simultaneously creating music that rocks. The album certainly is rooted in melodic hard rock with epic choruses, belting vocals and bucket loads of dual guitars.

Lyrically the album challenges our lack of humanity towards each other, comments on America's wall building ideas and just generally working for a better world alongside conventional matters of the heart. Musically it's typically styled in the 80s big haired cock rock vein and very Scandinavian moving everywhere from Roxette to Europe in terms of musical tone, with big parts of the album that could easily score a montage in an 80s action movie. Keep The Dream Alive is a stomping big pop rock track and the obligatory ballad Fallen Angel has everything you'd expect from a strong rock song. The lead single Chasing Fire which contains soaring harmonies, elements of speed drumming and a tasty chorus is a prime example of what's on offer on the album. It's not overly original, but it does put a twist on a much-loved genre. Just like the various incarnations of Superman over the years Kryptonite have tapped into a tested formula, given it a new origin story and reworked it to a modern groove. If you are a fan of dynamic melodic rock then Kryptonite will certainly appeal.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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