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From an early age, Jack Chapman had already found his passion for songwriting and performance which shaped his musical direction. His debut EP Heal This Way is a versatile five track album that showcases his abilities to work in different styles from pop to funk. Having spent time working as a session musician it's obvious from this release that Chapman is at ease with whatever genre he turns his hand to.

Creatures has an instant appeal with its indie pop vibes and breezy guitar base. It's heavier in terms of sound than much of the album due to the sturdy electric guitar and drum sound. Read Your Mind has another catchy hook and begins to show another edge to Chapman's guitar playing. It's a very jazzy track with an early 80's guitar feel. Wake Up To Your Heart is in a similar vein, but has a jazz funk feel and it hangs together well thanks to Chapman's ability to get behind a groove.

Miles changes things once more, the uptempo sway of the fusion feel is still present, but the indie pop elements return in this acoustic guitar track. The final track I Can't Choose continues the laid back feel that's present throughout the album. Chapman sings here with passion which is matched in his guitar solos that soar above the vocals on the track.

The EP may have flavours of different genres, but there's no doubt that his preference is with the chilled out jazzy material. Chapman's ability to craft a memorable hook along with the dynamics and broad appeal of the tracks on display should be enough to gather a lot of interest in Chapman as a writer.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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