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The third release from German post - hardcore band, Earl Grey is packed with the passion and energy that fans across Europe have come to know from

their live shows. With aggressive vocals from Malte Unnasch and pummeling nu-punk tinged percussion from Lukas Andrzejewski and Moritz Mewes TTYCMY could easily become a whirlwind of frenetic anger. It falls to guitarists Tristan Bäumer and Eugen Naumenko to keep on top of the melodies that override the songs. Tracks like Hollow play with syncopation, keeping the tonal elements of the music varied. Sink dives straight into the forceful wall of sound with another guitar riff laying over the top. Never Sleep demonstrates the musical abilities of the band with an appealing middle eight that features a grunge infused bass line and some classic rock riffing. TTYCMM is fulled with latent musical talent from the new rising stars of the genre.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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