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With a ferocious cackle, Burning Witches swoop into their debut album with a frenzy of Hellfire. The Swiss coven formed in 2015 when guitarist Romana Kalkuhl wanted to fulfil an ambition to play in an all-girl metal band, she's certainly succeeded.

With the power and passion of Doro and the foreboding sound of Slayer and Annihilator, Burning Witches is a spellbinding debut. Vocally Seraina Telli alternates between a low growl, melodic clean vocals and a fierce, bellowing banshee cry. Dark Companion is a rounded example of the band's broad abilities in terms of scale and sound. The group throw in elements of Speed Metal on tracks like Deathlist and Euro and classic metal in terms of their pop rock choruses on songs like Black Widow. Their track names are influenced by the supernatural and they are clearly unafraid of having fun with their music too, as songs like We Eat Your Children would suggest. Bloody Rose is a standout track, calling to mind Annihilator's Alice in Hell with its heavy metal exorcism of otherworldly vocals and screaming guitars.

These girls will definitely have appeal on the European metal scene and would easily fit on the bill at any festivals. Burning Witches have set the all-girl metal scene on fire.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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