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It's hard to see this release as anything other than a money-making exercise, it's virtually a standard repackaging of an ordinary 'best of' compilation album. Despite having 20 tracks on the album, there's nothing from the first two albums. The band could have easily picked a song from each of their studio recordings given the track listing.

There are also some general omissions from later albums too, such as Killer – which is missing from all their compilations, Hide Your Heart and Forever are also missing this time round. Rather than add lesser known singles, this compilation sticks to the tried and tested Kiss classics: I Was Made For Loving You, Rock And Roll All Nite, Detroit Rock City, Crazy Crazy Nights; although I'm A Legend Tonight does make a rare appearance alongside Calling Dr Love.

Kiss undeniably have a great track record, but this album offers nothing new and is simply riding high on the success of their recent tour. There are no new songs, no demos, remixes or live versions and certainly no major surprises making it all rather unnecessary. If you are new to the band you'll probably love listening to all the hits in one place, but if you want a greatest hits album, there are far better ones that the band have released.

Groupie Rating:

Album 2/5

Music 5/5

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