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Do Something Beautiful EP Artist: Colour Colour Label: Nova Music Released: June 10

Bringing together three hugely talented young musicians in their own right to form a new band, ​Colour Colour​ emerge with this top-notch debut release that’s packed with earworms and upbeat energy. This song is the opening track from an EP that’s set to follow in the summer, and was recorded at Tilehouse Studios by Luke Oldfield (noted for his work with Metronomy and The Wytches) and mixed by Dave Venco. Fronted by songwriter Howard Rose, the trio are London-based but hail from Melton Mowbray, best known as the home of the world’s finest pork pies. Take a bite-sized chunk of this tasty musical treat here, and you’ll discover this is oven fresh, radio-friendly guitar pop that’s inspired by the great British songwriters and performers of the sixties and seventies, whilst offering its own confident modern-day twist at the same time. They’ll launch the EP in London at Camden Assembly on June 10. If you appreciate quality musicianship, these boys deliver that brilliantly right here. And as an opening introduction to their work, this is unbeatable.

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