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If you've not heard of London based band The King's Parade, that could soon change. The four piece have an unaffected southern soul sound. It's Detroit blues mixed with soulful pop, crossing over to form an ear bending EP. Haze, the four track record follows on from their debut Vagabond. It's more fervant this time round. The production is classy, the musicianship even classier.

The opening track Not Yet, has a maturity of composition that will guarantee that the 14 minute EP with blow you away. The vocals just tickle over the fruity melody on the title track, and burn with anticipation and passion on Mother Tongue. The band are polished and precise, nothing is left to chance.

There are no frayed edges or uncooked elements here, it's astonishingly prepared. When you learn that the band spent over 40 hour a week playing on a cruise ship, the sound they have created comes as no surprise. Of Stone adds a more alternative rock sound, with some flavorsome blues overtones showing another side to the band's music.

The build and temptation of the EP is almost so cruelly tantalizing that you'll wish they stopped teasing and released a full length album. All good things...

Groupie Rating 5/5

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