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Introducing to you singer/songwriter Chris Tavener, and something completely different! ! Another singer/songwriter you ask? Not at all...he is a satirical, comedy folk act talking about what everybody thinks, but nobody says….described as a quirky combination between Tim Minchin and Bob Dylan.This latest EP 'i'm sorrdy bi'm drunnk' has been championed by Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music) and already turning many a head! Tavener's songs tell stories about the ironic comedy in every day life such as drunken romance, celebrity worship, football hooligans and small town problems.His latest offering ‘Apocalypse Prediction’ is another toe-tapping favourite in the making; a tongue-in-cheek anthem for a disenfranchised youth who is convinced that the end of the world is nigh...but as ever there is a thought provoking message hiding under the dry wit and brilliantly animated music video.

Chris is making an art out of catchy comedic tunes with clever lyrics and it’s no surprise that his popularity is soaring with fans raving about his live shows.

Originally from Northwich in Cheshire, Chris writes storytelling songs about the ironic comedy in everything from drunken romance, celebrity worship, football hooligans and small town problems. His latest EP “i’m sorrdy bi’m drunnk” sold hundreds of copies and received acclaim from Steve Lamacq of BBC 6 Music who has played the tracks four times. In 2016, he took on two nationwide tours visiting 10 cities over 6 weeks; the success of which led to a stint at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and a second nationwide tour; performing a total of 351 gigs.

Apocalypse Prediction is out on Friday 2nd June.

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