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Singer/ songwriter Sophia Dady has a background rooted deep in music. Growing up in a creative and musical family, Sophia was encouraged to discover her talents at an early age. However, it wasn't until she had a family of her own that she decided to pursue her personal creative goals. Her debut EP Closure draws on the wealth of life experience and as a result the EP feels very honest and real. Judging from the title it also feels as if Dady is laying a few ghosts to rest, settling some old scores and preparing to write a new chapter.  

Yesterday lays the foundations for the record, in terms of moving on. There is defiance in her words and the track chooses to focus on the emotion in the lyrics. As a result the accompaniment is simple so it doesn't detract from the message. The lead single Reach You is given a cinematic feel from the string underscoring. This moody track has a vulnerability that you don't often get in break up songs. "And now we're walking away. And there's nothing to say, I wish I could find a way to reach you." Dady's perfect phrasing of this line encapsulates love and loss in just a few lines. Anna's Song, the final track does indeed offer closure and encapsulates moving on. "You inspire me, enlighten me..." Dady's tender vocal makes the track extremely personal as she lays herself emotionally bare. 

The record is mainly piano based interspersed with guitar and drums to give it a deeper dynamic. Dady's voice is distinctive and absorbing, her melodies wrapping around you as she tells her stories. There are elements of pop, folk, jazz funk, and even spoken word along the way.  There's not only material here that touches on the universal emotions of love, lust and loss but also inspirational songs about hope and living your dreams. In a few songs Dady has managed to express emotions that many artists take an entire album to cover making Closure an absorbing debut.  

Groupie Rating 4/5

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