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Watford Colosseum

14th April 2017

For over 20 years The Illegal Eagles have been honouring the music of one of America's greatest rock bands. Their current tour is one of their biggest yet with 100 dates incorporating hit songs, from both sides of the Atlantic, along with deep cuts and fan favourites. The band make the most of five lead vocalists, who also double up as guitarists/keyboards and bass – making this a very authentic live show. Led by founding members, drummer Phil Aldridge and Al Vosper the band are the ultimate Eagles experience.

Opening with How Long and Busy Being Fabulous, from The Eagles last studio album 2007's Long Road Out Of Eden that classic West Coast sound is already evident. It's not until the band give us the classic Eagles track, Take It Easy that it's made clear that this is a band who have paid forensic attention to detail, not only in The Eagles overall sound but the harmonies too. Let's be frank, most skilled musicians could achieve the right tonality given the sufficient number of people and equipment, but it's those distinctive vocals that give The Eagles one of their most memorable assets; The Illegal Eagles more than hit the mark when it comes to both.

I Can't Tell You Why from seasoned musician Christian Philips who is a real asset to the band. Not only is he an accomplished writer and arranger in his own right, his soulful vocals and stylish guitar work add a special level to the Illegal Eagles feel. Grammy-award winning instrumental I Dreamed There Was No War, a beautiful guitar track is added into the show and Chrisitan really gets to the heart of the track's emotion. Garreth Hicklin on guitar, vocals and keyboards really adds the Don Henley sound to the band too.

Hotel California opens the second half along with Lyin' Eyes and the Paul Carrick Co-written hit Love Will Keep Us Alive. The Eagles classic period is really why we are all here so Take It To The Limit and Rocky Mountain Way go down a storm. One Of These Nights, James Dean, Witchy Woman, The Last Last Resort all feature in a packed run down of some of the Eagles most popular work.

The Don Henley hit The Boys Of Summer is also squeezed in - it would have been interesting to hear how New York Minute sounded under their expertise. New Kid In Town makes a welcome return to the setlist after a hiatus and Desperado finishes up this superb look back at some of the best ever written.

There's no flashy stage show here, just devastatingly good musicianship from one of the best tribute shows around.

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