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Despite the opening track name, No Control is a well-crafted piece of work from the brass and string sections to the stylish 'da da dums' that pepper the song, calling to mind Suzanne Vega, who is clearly a huge influence throughout. The song is typical of Erin K's work, unique and hard to define. One thing you can say about her music is that it's accessible and honest. The art graduate has taken her creativity into songwriting by confronting issues that many songwriters would leave well alone. Does it make her braver than the rest? Possibly. But it's exactly this fearless and innovative writing that has to lead her to build up a cult following on the alternative and anti-folk scene as well as playing at the London Olympics and Paralympics and headlined at venues around the country.

Off To Bolognia Saving Centipedes and Assholio are prime examples of her abilities to

write off the wall lyrics. I Just Ate Shit layers up flute, drums and vocals over a humorous story of a dodgy edamame bean. The album is poetic and sophisticated storytelling with an edge; the sort of material that will be lapped up at fringe festivals and coffee bars by Amanda Palmer fans, hipsters and outsiders alike. It's probably the exact reason she's been labelled anti-folk, and yet her talent could easily make her the folk hero for generation rent. Coins has a simplistic beauty with ethereal backing vocals and simplistic accompaniment. The melody falls into the mainstream pop and yet there's something that sets it aside from becoming too commercial.

Once described as a “filthy-Mouthed Indie Darling” Erin K's Little Torch, is a perfect little secret for those who dare to open their minds.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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