Disillusioned with misogynistic and repetitive radio rap, K. Flay took the challenge of writing a track of her own as a dare. The Stanford alumni soon swapped her interest in psychology and sociology for music. After several self–releases and making an impact on the San Francisco scene she signed to RCA Records until artistic differences led them to part ways. Now signed to Night Street Records (set up by Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds’) her second album Every Where Is Some Where, has given her the freedom to continue breaking genre boundaries.

The album is a dark trance that's laced with pop rhythms. Her intricate rhymes and subtle arrangements lead you into an uneasy, yet captivating world. The lead single Blood In The Cut has spent 16 weeks on the Billboard alternative chart receiving wider popularity thanks to its use in the soundtrack for xXx: The return of Xander Cage. Anyone who has listened to it will know that it's a brutal story of betrayal, obsession and lost love. It's a pretty accurate representation of K. Flay's gritty and blunt approach to her work.

From the candid tracks Mean It and Champagne to the hazy Hollywood Forever the album is a deeply revealing and frank piece of work from a fearless artist. Her genre-blending may have caused her to get dropped from her original label, but K Flay's ingenuity and bold approach to making music are what the industry must encourage in order to evolve and thrive. It's defiant from the get go, mixing grunge, hip hop, rap and pop; it's not to everyone's taste but this is a game changing album from a unique artist.

Groupie Rating 4/5


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