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30TH MARCH 2017

The stifling and unbearable heat of Thousand Island was more than worth enduring to hear King No-One on their second headline tour. Anybody who's seen their stylish, Hollywood style music videos KNO are a band who clearly take their music incredibly seriously – they've been known to just turn up on the street and play to anybody who will listen – that's dedication for you. The Yorkshire lads are already picking up a following on the student circuit thanks to their care-free pop rock vibes, and it's not hard to see why.

Their music is unashamedly retro, stuck in a blissful 80s themed time-warp where criminally catchy melodies, ravishing riffs and bold, blistering vocals were king of the airwaves. This is a band that is not only appealing to Generation X but also those of us who have all but given up on modern music to produce the kind of tracks with the depth of Talk Talk, ABC and Depeche Mode. Dressed like a cross between Adam Ant and Baltimora, lead singer Zach Lount flounces around the stage like an 80s teen dream with more than enough vocal capabilities to help KNO achieve the dizzy heights that they deserve. Alcatraz, Antichrist and Constellations are all worthy tracks that are good starting points if you need them.

King No-One are the most refreshing pop rock act for years and it's only a matter of time before they rule supreme. If you want to catch them close be quick, they won't be playing small venues for much longer.

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