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Jazz funk sextet Biscay release their debut EP, Burnt Mementos which puts a new spin on a tried and tested musical formula. Biscay's smooth, saxophone-laden sound is firmly rooted in the 70s heydey of the genre. There are nods to Steely Dan, Focus and Michael McDonald along the way with catchy turns of phrase, offbeat timing, intricate harmonies and stylish keyboard runs.

Far from just recycling the genre, this retrospective adds a post-modern twist with contemporary lyrics. Good Odds, Odd Goods is about the disappointment of online dating, Little Miss Kryptonite expands this to reflect on bad relationships. Pretty People is a swinging snub at those attractive people we love to hate. Hailing from France, lead singer Elea May's accented vocals gives the album a lazy, late night cabaret vibe that also helps the group to have a unique edge over a familiar sound. Songwriter and guitarist Phil Danker can certainly take full credit for this fresh and quirky infusion.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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