UK songwriter, rapper, and producer Alonestar to release new video and single 'Lovelorn', which cuts deep into unrequited love, and fast living to forget!

Jethro Sheeran aka Alonestar (Ed Sheeran’s cousin), has been working alongside the live band members of Massive Attack to produce this hedonist, sexy, dark track which also sees Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding feature in the breath-taking video.

'Lovelorn' tells the story of a heartbroken woman who falls in love, but the lust of her life doesn’t love her back – something we can all relate to!

The track is rooted in heartache, unrequited love and lust and this comes through the

bleak sounds, dark rhythms and troubled lyrics. Rosie Ribbon's chorus melody adds a mournful feminine touch to the song and another side to the Lovelorn story. A sure-fire urban hit!

Also featuring is top 10 singer Rosie Ribbons, her haunting vocals sound like a falling beautiful angel. This sits perfectly on an addictive resonating drum beat recorded by Damon Reece (Massive Attack), and flawless production of the song by Jethro Sheeran and Angelo Bruschini (Massive At