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You would think that in the hazy afterglow of the post New Year hangover, the last thing anyone would want to do is keep the party going. However, that’s exactly what The Amorettes want to do, and the release of their new single, and video, White Russian Roulette, proves that the hard rocking powerhouse trio are exactly the ones to keep you in the party mood.

“White Russian Roulette is a phrase we (like to think) coined back in our early days,” says Gill. “We liked to observe the social carnage of a small town club, where people would drink, probably more than they should, and then, more often than not, do things they would regret as a result.” Taken from the acclaimed album, White Hot Heat, White Russian Roulette was again written by the band’s songwriter, guitarist/vocalist, Gill Montgomery, with a co-writing credit going to Thunder’s Luke Morley, who also produced the album. “I started writing this song in our dressing room, somewhere on tour,” Gill continues. “It was pretty much complete, but probably a bit darker in its content, maybe due in part to a bit of a hangover. When it came to the pre-production for the album, we just felt that it needed to lift the mood slightly, so Luke and I worked together, and made a few adjustments which resulted in it being a bit more upbeat, but without losing its message.” So, what of the title? How exactly do you “play White Russian Roulette”? “The title refers to this gamble that you take with every sip. Sometimes we would join in, and with White Russians being our drink of choice at the time, you can imagine that the rest is a very blurry history………..” So, as The Amorettes prepare for another year of consistent touring, and with rock n roll considered to be the new religion, what is the message that people should people take from the song? “That’s easy,” says Gill, with a smile. “Always drink responsibly!........And turn this up loud!!”

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