There's nothing more festive than a country music Christmas. There's something about the twang of a mandolin and a Tennessee drawl that is as warming and wholesome as a mince pie by the fire. All the country and bluegrass greats have had Christmas songs from Rhonda Vincent to Dolly Parton and Silverado Records is the next in a long line to have their artists record some festive tunes. A Silverado Family Christmas is a compilation of some new and established Seasonal songs.

Zack Dyer's Snow Day is everything you have come to know and love from a country Christmas song; it's romantic, upbeat and very catchy. The album bookends nicely with a perfect partner song Christmas Time For Just You And Me from Crystal Yates. The song continues the themes of a "party for two" from Dyer's single, but moves away from the childlike fun to more of a bluesy, late-night feel, packed with romance. Joe Diffie's I'll Be Home For Christmas and Mandy McMillan's Let It Snow offer a welcome revival to the classic tracks, with each artist bringing a fresh sound to the songs. Once again the glorious match of country and Christmas is a hit, so kick off your cowboy boots, grab some eggnog and relish in the festivities without a Last Christmas or Band Aid in sight.

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