You often hear sports obsessed blokes saying that they want enough children for a football team. Fuck that nonsense, proper men have enough sprogs to form a heavy metal band! Legendary Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell and his band of "bastard sons" (Todd, Dane, Tyla and vocalist Neil Starr) have teamed up for their debut EP, released on Motörhead Music.

The 5 track record is everything you want and expect from ballsy, biker rock. It's a cocktail of sweat, blood, engine oil and sawdust with hints of blues and a twist of Motörhead that's best served on smoking hot coals over a barrel of gunpowder.

This incendiary blend is an ear-grabbing riot from the start. Big Mouth, No Turing Back and Take Aim being particular highlights. Life In Space pulls in the American style melodic rock ballad and Spiders deserves its namesake by making you scream and jump around the room.

Welsh, dragon hearted, rock n roll. Play it loud.

Groupie Rating: 4/5

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