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Eternal Idol formed in early 2016 and is the new project for ex Rhapsody of Fire and Angra vocalist Fabio Lione. Joining him are several experienced and versatile musicians, Andrea Buratto (bass) and three former members of Hollow Haze, Nick Savio (guitars and keys) Camillo Colleluori (Drums) and a Giorgia Colleluori.

From the juggernaut opening track, Evil Tears, Fabio showcases his diverse vocal range once more. Giorgia surpasses expectations and gives an astonishing vocal presence throughout the album often reminiscent of Ann Wilson or Lzzy Hale. There's shredding aplenty and some assertive percussion driving the track too.

Fabio and Giorgia's vocals work perfectly together, like a rock version of Phantom of the Opera on Another Night Comes. They are sensual, beguiling and rocktasticly delicious. Is The Answer Far From God? has some more epic vocal performances with an opening vibrato that would cause a tidal wave. Sad Words Unveiled takes the rock ballad to another level with symphonic rock majesty. There's plenty of frantic drum work on tracks like Hall of Sins and the album oozes with soaring melodies from beginning to end. Having male and female lead vocals give each track multiple layers and a huge explosion of sound, like lots of mini duets.

Although the album gallops along at quite a pace, in places it feels it goes nowhere fast and sags a bit in the middle, so a few tracks could have been sacrificed for the overall flow. But the album ends as explosive as it started with a tempest of synths on Stormy Days and the album's finale, Beyond, where Gabriel gives one of best performances on the album.

For fans of Kamelot, Nightwish and Within Temptation, this full belt symphonic rock will certainly appeal to their Gothic lust.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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