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Flavoured with heavy metal, prog and power metal sounds the debut album by Hevidence incorporates all the best elements of neo-classical rock and melodic power metal. The band's founder, guitarist Diego Reali has spent time playing a variety of different genres but came back to his love for rock and metal. The title track Nobody's Fault has a feel of Europe and Toto with bold riffs, bluesy vocals and plenty and some fine musicianship.

Ave Maria brings in the Italian Catholic heritage, commencing with a choral style opening before launching into a frenzy of guitars work and a tumultuous drum work. It's a full-scale stadium sound incorporating the idea of 'religious experiences' for audiences and the band. Corrado Quoiani's vocals are softly melodic but have the power of rock greats like Paul Rodgers.

There's plenty of different fusions of styles here too, no two tracks are the same. Overdrive is more traditional pop-rock whereas Out Of This Time has more of a Hendrix style rock vibe with solid chords and muffled solos. Note adds the classical feel with a staccato electric guitar serenading, it's a beautifully structured track with guitar descants. The band really flourish with this neo-classical sound, part Genesis part Sky, it would certainly be interesting to hear them explore more of this style.

A really promising debut from another terrific Euro rock band.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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