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UK singer/songwriter Cecil has had an unstoppable passion for music all of her life. Championed by BBC Berkshire alongside the release of her song 'Lasso', and a semi finalist for Open Mic UK 2015 beating 10,000 other entrants she has been elevating rapidly to even greater success!

Also following her recent signing with Stormcraft Music, she is rigoursly working on her debut album, with a hope to release next year.

From humble beginnings as a child prodigy of learning to sing from age five followed by a rapid elevation to Grade 8, plus taking up the piano from age thirteen, her skills and craft very quickly progressed to flawless songwriting and live performance. With early inspiration coming from her mother who was a drummer in a rock band, Cecil has always grown up immersed in music.

Cecil's other inspiration came from her Great Uncle, BBC legend Cecil McGivern! The renouned pioneer was originally a BBC producer, seconded to the BBC in London following of World War II, and was instrumental in crafting British War Propaganda programmes for the BBC in the support of the war effort. This eventually earnt him a CBE for services to Queen and Country. His other accolades included divising Panorama, and eventually heading up programming for the channel. Alongside all of this he was nominated for an Oscar following his screenplay for the classic 1946 version of 'Great Expectations.'

His creativeness and drive for success have always been such a big influence on Cecil herself, so much so she felt the need to uphold his legend, hence the stage name! Cecil's live show has already caught the attention of many with a spellbinding performance always on offer, and her recent endeavours have included: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The National Theatre, The Garage, Dingwalls, and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Rome Cavalieri in Italy. She is also to perform at The Henley Royal Regatta, and Goring Pride in June.

This artist has the promise of something truly special, unique, and inspirational!

Cecil will be performing at the prestigious Ronnie Scotts upstairs as part of the 'Ruby Sings' event on Tuesday 8th November at 8:30pm.

For more information on Cecil please visit her Website, Facebook, and Twitter links below:

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