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They say you should write about what you know. Rebecca and Fiona have taken this to heart with their new EP, Party Hard. The Swedish duo has used their experiences of club nights in their hometown to put together some catchy, risque, electro Euro pop.

The girls are already becoming quite a phenomenon, having clocked up over 66 million streams with their previous albums. Their music has a retro charm that harks back to other classic European floor filling dance acts. Drugstore Lovin' is endlessly catchy and rhythmic with a Latino influence driving the beat patterns. 4 Life has a pulsating tribal beat that wouldn't be out of place on the Top 40. Shotgun, the lead single is equally commercial. Lovers Rock drips in a lazy Hawaiian feel with a ukulele plunking in the background. Sayonara begins with an unexpected 'fuck you' (you didn't get Bananarama doing that) before bouncing into another jangling dance melody.

Rebecca and Fiona know how to work the tech available from vocal effects to messing with drum patterns. The rhythms are heavy and upbeat, even in the slower moments.

From the crash to the burn, the girls know how to Party Hard!​

Groupie Rating 3/5

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