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The Terrorvision front man is back with a new self-titled album following on from his debut 'Thoughts N' All'. Tony is an observer of life with all its trials, tribulations, absurdities and contradictions as all good songwriters are. His insightful lyrics are accompanied by mostly rocky melodies, occasionally bluesy and heavy but always great tunes and well produced.

Music is the food of Love (which also has a zany video to accompany it) starts with a My Sharona esque beat and then goes full on rocky, even referencing Status Quo with an accompanying guitar solo to match. You can't get this tune out of your head! One Size Fits All is a well-constructed song that has an uplifting vibe which should get the crowd going at a gig. Lost Property begins with a soft acoustic melody intertwined around Wright's wordsmithery, but the track has an overall heavier feel when the electric guitars come out.

A change of direction keeps this album fresh with the introspective A & E. The song kicks off with a romantic flamenco as Wright's drawls “as long as we believe in the magic of stories, nothing in this world can tear us apart”, a love song with an edge and a ballsy guitar solo. Life's too Short has a powerful message “don't forget to tell the people you love that you love em.” In another musical shift, Wright takes this track down the road of country rock with a reminiscence of 70s band Slim Chance. The heavy and discordant Delete Repeat starts out slow and melodic with a chorus that morphs into a ferocious metal display of obsession, possession and jealousy.

The influence of Britpop runs through most of the album, but Wright does a pretty good job of displacing the tag but incorporating diverse musical elements to find his own identity and producing a thoughtful and varied solo album.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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