New album 'Hooray For Me' due out 26th August 2016

"...the almost subtle vocal suddenly lurching violently in to life, a scorched, tethered version of what came before, which leaps in and out of the preceding waves of noise that make up the tracks fiery and fierce five-minutes." - GoldFlakePaint

"Hooray For Me's lead single is "Senior Pictures." The track finds lead singer and guitarist Jared Micah clamoring, I like the way you comb your hair/ I like the subtle way you roll your eyes with dry affection over spazzy guitar spurts and drummer Preetma Singh's solid grunge beats." - The FADER

"There are too many bands in the world, most of them terrible, but all the shit makes the rare great band even more exceptional; Vomitface is one of those gems." - Vice

"Enter Vomitface, a band with a portmanteau filthy enough to make Mudhoney cower… this erratic bunch have some colorful ideas." - NME

Jared Micah (vocals/guitar) and Preetma Singh (drums) found themselves trapped in their Jersey City, NJ, home during Hurricane Sandy. Drawing inspiration from their depressing surroundings and a shelf full of equally depressing records - Slint, Shellac, and Babes in Toyland, to name a few - Micah and Singh decided they had nothing better to do than to write loud songs. Those songs eventually became a band that they decided to call Vomitface, despite several industry professionals subsequently telling them that was a bad idea.