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REVANCHIST DEBUT EP - OUT NOW Californian four-piece Faulkner have revealed their collaboration with Wu Tang Clan mastermind RZA on latest single ‘Wu Tang Slang’. The track premiered with Consequence Of Sound who said, “Staten Island’s own RZA and Californian four-piece Faulkner; the two may come from different sides of the country and different genres entirely, but they both feel the powerful pull of NYC. So much so that they’ve collaborated on a new reworking of Faulkner’s “NY Anthem”… So enthralled with the hook was RZA, however, that he decided to turn the entire thing into a banging track worthy of the Wu. Featuring heavier rhythms and a complete altering of the lyrical structures, the “Wu Tang Slang” thumps loud with all the glory of the city it represents.”

‘Wu Tang Slang’ is a righteous hip-hop anthem with RZA’s unmistakable commanding tone leading alongside the high-rise choruses of Faulkner. RZA and Faulkner first started collaborating on ‘Wu Tang Slang’ while jamming in Bob Dylan’s parked tour bus at Rick Rubin’s Shangri La studio in Malibu, where artists such as Eminem and Adele have worked. ‘Wu Tang Slang’ is the latest song to be taken from the Revanchist EP, and follows the release of the highly praised electro-rock single ‘These Kids Nowadays’ and the trap-pop of ‘Revolutionary’. The EP was produced by RZA, alongside Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons) and J.P. Bowersock (Julian Casablancas, Ryan Adams). READ OUR REVANCHIST EP REVIEW HERE Faulkner consists of LA rockers Lucas Asher (vocals), Eric Scullin (vocals, synth), Dimitri Farougias (bass) and Christian Hogan (drums). They come with a swaggering attitude that’s brewing up a serious storm with their melting pot of synths, rock, hip hop and pop.

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