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The Horn St Albans 24th March 2016

Following in the footsteps of Enter Shikari and Don Broco, Watford boys, The Hunna aim to bring their music from the home countries to the masses. With their youthful charms, the band has quickly amassed a squad of loyal followers who are drawn to the bands rock, pop melodies like bees to a hunna tree. They have sold out plenty of their shows for the current tour and managed to are able to straddle the difficult job of appealing to both sexes. In some ways, their care-free image and boyish charm resemble a boy band, but with more testosterone and longer hair. Their melodic, soft rock certainly has a great appeal for the youngsters who have turned their back on mainstream pop and graduated to the mosh pit of indie rock.

Their 13 track set list is packed into an hour long party that could have easy gone on well into the night. Tearing through their Brit rock tracks , We Could Be, Alive, Be Young, World Is Ours, She's Casual and the anthemic single Bonfire, it's not hard to see why these guys have been picking up such support so fast. Not only are they blessed with some great talent and charismatic front man, their songs are catchy, with some mature lyrics which are clearly aimed at the endless summer of generation X. The rebellious nature of this youthful band trying to find their way in a topsy-turvy world allows them to bring in elements of punk to create a boisterous atmosphere and vibe to stick it to the man good and proper. Their precocious attitude gives them an endearing nonchalance matched only by their devil may care musical style, here are a band who are pretty damn sure that the world is definitely within their reach, and it just well might be.

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