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You remember that bit in Avengers Assemble where the Hulk picks up Loki and bashes him about a bit? It pretty much sums up LTNT's latest album. Be prepared to be grabbed forcefully by this behemoth, ruffed about a bit and left spent on the floor. (Hulk smash) “I've arrived, I'm ready for anything,” and so it begins. The opener, Asbo, releases this beast of an album from its pen. It's un-caged and raw with savagely dirty bass lines, mauling guitars and killer vocals that will have blood pouring from your speakers by the end of track one.

If that wasn't intense enough for you Boss Lady raises the stakes with plenty of distortion and an undulating chorus. No Home is deliciously gritty and dark. No Home By Aquarius By Will is a cacophonous delight rammed with a riff you will just lap up, some riotous rampaging vocals and bonkers lyrics 'let's be reckless, go Ant and Decless.'

The Sleeper Wakes pulls the breaks off, at least until the end of the track. It's a phenomenal addition to the album. Meat Market, throws a curved ball with a pop style riff and rock mid section. Hole In My Heart 'I'm sorry, I don't love you...' the haunting ethereal harmonies matched with the soft guitar arpeggio throughout the track, sets up the grim and brutal heartbreak to come. Just when you though you were gonna have it easy, Oh Drag pulls you off the floor for the beginning of the final battle which culminates in (Everything Was Beautiful And) Nothing... which starts with a soothing country style acoustic before moving into a bassy and contorted song of triumph.

Their hard and heavy sound, crams in everything from Motorhead to Foo Fighters. They are certainly more melodic and better structured than punk, and less sanitised than traditional metal. LTNT have earned their stripes as they bastard sons of punk and grunge with this thunderously first-rate album.

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