Leeds-based quintet, Jupiter Falls put their heart and soul into their first headline show in the capital. Performing at the legendary Fiddler's Elbow in Camden, this talented bunch of rockers proved that they could certainly match the standard of their acclaimed debut album in a live setting. They will blow you away. Vocalist James Hart clearly lives and breathes the music, throwing himself into the show with gusto. He’s a dynamic performer who engages the crowd and is able to add subtly and aggression into his performance in equal measure.

Deano Silk is a virtuoso shredder, who should get plenty of recognition for being one of the best new metal axemen. The rest of the band Lewie Lewington on drums, Dan Clark on bass and Zachari Daniels on rhythm guitar help to create Jupiter Falls’ explosive live sound with fabulous duel guitars and plenty of melodies. Playing tracks from the Roy Z produced album Revolution along with songs from their forthcoming EP Saints & Sinners, Jupiter Falls can certainly write a well-crafted show stopper (Awake), ballad (Someday) a good old rock and roll tune (Chasing The Dragon) and back it up with bucketfuls of energy and talent.

Fans of classic melodic heavy metal will simply love this band. Whilst they have yet to build up a substantial following down south, it is only a matter of time before the word spreads about one of the most encouraging young bands to be making music at the moment.

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