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“Dirty rock’n’roll, played by girls. You know, the kind your mother warned you about...”

The Franklys embark on their most extensive and ambitious tour since they formed and promise each show will be ‘loud, raw, energetic, sweaty, and an exciting spectacle!” The Franklys first tour of 2016 starts in Brigton on February 29th and finishes 18 shows later with 2 shows in one day, first the Freehold Festival in Liverpool followed by The Firebug in Leicester on April 8nd.

The Franklys, are an all girl rock 'n' roll band based in London. 50% Swedish, 25% British, 25% American, 100% rock’n’roll.

This four piece force of nature features a rhythm section as solid and driving as an army tank, which consists of all-American drummer Nicole Pinto and home grown talent Zoe Biggs on bass. Fronting up the quartet like a pair of firecrackers are Swedish pair Jen Ahlkvist (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) with her bitter sweet and ever so edgy vocals, and Fanny Broberg (lead guitar), contributing double-barrelled screaming guitars and melodic guitar hooks, lending a rich variety to the styles and sounds that cascade off the stage.

The Franklys love ’50s rock’n’roll, ’60s psych, ’70s punk, ’80s new wave and you will love The Franklys, so catch them at a show near you.

The Franklys UK Tour Dates February 29th Brighton Sticky Mike’s March 3st Cambridge Anglia Ruskin 4th Ipswich Cult Cafe 5th Chelmsford The Asylum 9th Edinburgh Sneaky Pete’s. 10th Glasgow Nice’n’Sleazy 11th Stanley The Top House 12th Northallerton The Fleece 17th London The Finsbury 18th Liverpool Bumper 19th Leeds Milo Bar 20th Manchester The Castle Hotel 24th Brighton Green Door Store 25th Winchester Railway 26th Bedford Esquires

April 1st Cardiff Clwb Ifor Back 2nd Liverpool Threshold Festival 2nd Leicester The Firebug

"All-girl garage group The Franklys come on with a smattering of Hives gusto." -NME

"Like The Hives, but with better hair and make-up" Radio X


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