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“This is ready-made for heavy radio rotation, sounding like a mix of George Ezra and Passenger, with a lovely gently soulful vocal from Kelvin. It sounds like a hit to us.” – Shortlist

Hotly-tipped British singer-songwriter Kelvin Jones, will be releasing his debut album Stop The Moment on March 25th through Epic Records, part of Sony Music. The 12-track collection is a striking and absorbing debut from one of the UK’s most exciting new male solo artists.

Stop The Moment includes both Kelvin’s debut track ‘Closer’ (which caused a huge online buzz last year) and his first single ‘Call You Home’, which is out now. The official video – featuring a TV sent up into space – has already been nominated for various ‘Video Of The Year’ awards.

Meanwhile, album opener ‘Good Together’ comes firing out of the blocks with its huge four-to-the-floor pulse and feel-good individuality. Delving deeper into the album Kelvin’s exceptional musicianship shines bright, as tracks such as ‘We Are More’ and ‘Track 19’ ooze funky Chili Peppers-esque guitars and stunning arrangements.

Further highlights include ‘No More Lies’ and title track ‘Stop The Moment’, which sees him switch effortlessly from guitar to piano, whereas ‘In Your Place’ and ‘Follow You Down’ are beautifully stripped back, allowing Kelvin’s soulful vocals to come to the fore. The album’s blues influences are a continuous theme, and match the size of Kelvin Jones’ huge ambitions, with album closer ‘Even Now’ showcasing virtuosic guitar solos and ending with a-capella vocals, set against a flourish of sumptuous harmonies.

Kelvin has already received high praise from a huge variety of publications and is fast becoming a name to drop amongst media, industry and fans alike. Having been the subject of a whole host of offers from labels and publishers, Epic Records & Four Music won the race for the 20 year old’s signature earlier last year with Sony Music.

This burgeoning excitement led to him winning Best Newcomer at the British Urban Music Awards in November. And now, with Stop The Moment, this hugely-talented singer-songwriter from Stevenage will be winning over legions of new followers while keeping his current fanbase ever excited, with his distinctive soulful vocals, blues-inspired guitar skills and pure pop sensibilities.

"Kelvin Jones arrives almost fully formed. A confident, individual voice...the plucked acoustic guitar line is matched to those honeyed tones, each lyric tumbling forth in an emotional plea." – Clash

“If you love James Bay & George Ezra, then Kelvin is the one you need to be adding to your playlist.” – Maximum Pop

"Kelvin is one to keep an eye on." – Digital Spy

STOP THE MOMENT TRACK LISTING 1. Good Together 2. Closer 3. As You Wake Up 4. We Are More 5. In Your Place 6. Call You Home 7. No More Lies 8. Stop The Moment 9. Follow You Down 10. Track 19 11. I Wouldn’t Change You 12. Even Now


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