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They say it's quality not quantity that counts and that certainly the case with Red House Glory's latest EP All Out Of Love. Having previously produced three EP 's, the indie rockers current release is another short and sweet offering. If you put this together their other work they have more than enough for a full-length release, so it is a bit of a mystery why they're still playing safe by recording shorter length formats; Perhaps they are still testing the water or biding their time before they inevitability hit the studio to record an album, which can't come soon enough.

Pray Now is the universal love song which is brimming with positivity, mature lyrics and a really catchy indie pop chorus to boot. The videos is also pretty good and breaks the mould from a conventional love story. The discordant guitar solo could perhaps a bit jarring or out of place, but contextually when placed alongside the rest of the track and it works perfectly. It's a really strong song that deserves to see the band get a lot of notice.

The title track again has that fuzzy, lazy vibe packed full of subtle harmonies and textured guitar work which layers the song as it builds into another cracking track. Painkiller wakes their sound up with some growling guitar and attack on the drums. It's tonally different from the other tracks which shows their versatility but also continues their love for playing with rhythm and chord progressions. The sombreness of the track is similar to So Easy from the Heart Of Gold EP, but you really feel the band are progressing with their sound here and when they shift from darkness to light there is more a distinct switch and detailed approach.

With only three tracks on this EP it feels more like a single than an extended play and only serves as yet another tantalising and teasing reveal of what is to come from a very promising young band.

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