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Bradford based band, Stand Alone present a mature and well developed sound for their debut EP, Nothing Is Forgotten. The EP has a raw and real feel to it, it's not over produced and filled with flourishes and musical frills, it's just good, honest, indie rock. It has a splattering of grunge and a nod to other indie bands of the era, but not nearly as depressive in tone. It's also clear from their grasp of riffs and harmonies that they also have an admiration for bands like The Kinks and The Beatles.

False Beginnings is blessed with some great moments, from the triplicate drums to the embellished harmonies on the chorus. Easier Said Than Done is another well thought out track and has a nice touch with keyboards which help to boost the song. Control continues playing with the riffs and sees the band experimenting with a punkish sound but retains the memorable chorus. This Is Ours is an assertive song with rebellious lyrics and an empowering chorus. Demons is the most melancholic and heavy track here, but it's also one of the best. Vocally the track displays range and Gavin Stevenson gives a confident performance.

Stand Alone have produced a thrilling and varied release with some great tracks that are sure to become instant live favourites.

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