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O2 Academy Brixton 14th November 2015

Since their formation in 1998 Skindred have fused two of the most popular music genres, rock and reggae. Led by their charismatic front man Benji Webb and armed with some serious beats the band's energetic live shows have become as notorious as their groundbreaking music. Their new album Volume allowed them the creative freedom to make the album they wanted to. It is such a strong album the fans surely have no complaints and once again it's packed full of iconic Skindred sounds, political lyrics and some damn good music.

Despite the high energy and enthusiastic performances, there was an air of solemnity surrounding tonight's performance which took place the day after the Paris terror attacks. Midway through the show Benji paid tribute to the victims by swapping his Union Jack flag which adorned his mic stand to the French Tricolour and also thanked the audience for coming out tonight. This show of defiance typifies the metal head spirit and unity through music. Their lyrics are given further poignancy at tonight's show which opens with the apt Under Attack.

Kill The Power, Trouble, Volume, Sound The Siren, Rat Race and Ninja all feature in a high octane set packed full of fantastic new and classic Skindred. Benji is a consummate showman, relishing in the roar of the crowd and able to work them up into a frenzy with ease. Mikey Demus was on top form too, he looks like fellow rocker Billy Gibbons and is just as mean a guitarist. Mikey is certainly one of the most fantastic modern heavy metal guitarist with just the right amount of subtlety, energy, aggression and some seriously strong shreds.

For all who were there it was obvious that the crowd were enthusiastic and stoic, revelling in the creation of the music despite the atrocities across the channel. In the traditional spirit of rock and metal, the message was peace and not war, riding in the face of adversity was a perfect display of Liberté, égalité, fraternité

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