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Born in North Carolina before moving to Adelaide, singer Jac Dalton has the ability of combining the smooth, clean sounds of US rock with the bold sonic expression of Oz rock. In his previous three albums there has been a significant shift away from the country/rock cross over and more to the traditional rock formula, although there are still elements present if you listen.

The opening three tracks, Powderkeg, Blow Me away and Roll With The Punches are filled with the all the hallmarks of standard energetic, genre pleasing sounds. Sweet Emotion has some beautiful harmonies and is reminiscent of the west coast CSN and Eagles sound. It shows versatility of the Jac Dalton Band to be able to shift between styles effortlessly, but still maintaining a ballsy bass and melodic hook.

Hardcore Superstar infuses the album with a dirty guitar and an outlaw rock sound that continues with Let It go. Dalton spends much of the album belting out the songs so it is a pleasant change to hear him have a stab at slower ballads such as One Heart, One Land which sees the guitar take back seat to the piano.

Jac Dalton certainly has the vocal power and presence to make the album work, the downside is that it does feel a tad samey in places. With an armoury of plenty of duel guitars, gutsy masculine and powerhouse choruses there is enough here to satisfy the ardent rock fan. Just like the title suggests, this album is pretty incendiary, even if it could do with putting on the breaks now and then.

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