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Exclusive Urban London event to help encourage, showcase, and empower

aspiring younger up coming artists.

Monday 28th December, 'Da Upcomin' taking place at the quirky Battersea Barge- London

20 year old West London singer/songwriter, performer, and aspiring Music Industry entrepreneur Jeniequa Quamina aka 'Eldé' has a unique vision to entice new artists with an Urban feel to have the opportunity to perform at a capacity venue, showcase their talent, build their confidence for the future, and have the opportunity to network at her new event 'Da Upcomin.'

Jeniequa started singing from the age of nine and after getting a scholarship to the Barbara Speake Stage School performing numerous shows, she has steadily progressed as an adept and passionate singer, and following her recent win at third place for TeenStar 2015 she was scouted for this year's X Factor, and bagged a development deal with Future Music. Following her recent success she feels very strongly about helping others and trying to make a difference when it comes to other musical talent.

Jeniequa feels that as opposed to artists competing against each other, they can have the opportunity to unite under one roof and share their talent as part of the same positive experience.

Following a long selection process of accomplished applicants, the 20 year old TeenStar finalist will be headlining the event, and will be preceded by 10 other performers of various styles to take the stage, have their own 15/20 minute slot, and the chance to kick start their careers. She also wants to encourage them to sell their own merchandise, bring a photographer in order to get some quality live shots, and have either live video footage or artwork on the back stage screen.

With support from Pulse 88 Radio this event has the vision to take things back to basics, but cut through all the complications and provide the opportunity for new artists to put on their own night.

Event details:

Monday 28th December 2015

The Battersea Barge

52 Nine Elms Lane



Doors- 6:30pm

Show timings- 7:00pm until 10:30pm

We had a chat with event founder Jeniequa to find out more about the DA' UPCOMING.

What inspired you to set up DA' UPCOMIN?

I've always wanted to be part of an event that caters for young upcoming performers set up by a young artist . Waiting for something to happen doesn't necessarily mean it's to happen to, so I decided to organise this event all by myself in the space of two weeks. I figured if I trained my mindset to co-operate like a whole team, I would get each and every role done quicker as opposed to working with/relying on others and find I ended up letting somebody else down.

I feel like there isn't enough opportunity out there at present for upcoming artists! You either have to enter a competition, sign up to one of many artist development companies which offer false hope. There don't seem to be enough opportunities for showcase performances, and as this is something I am very passionate about I wanted to be the one to provide such positive experiences and opportunities for aspiring artists, and to simply bring some togetherness into the industry.

Will it be a regular event?

Yes. I plan to schedule DA UPCOMIN' events throughout the next year regularly.

How did you go about setting up the event?

I found the Battersea Barge via the unsigned guide, such a quirky venue with an intimate feel, and I thought this would be brilliant for what I had in mind.

How did go about auditioning/selecting the acts to perform?

I simply put posts up across social media, letting everybody know I was looking for upcoming singers/rappers. I wasn't expecting such a positive and immediate response, as I thought I would have to go looking for these artists and they simply came to me! I reviewed the artists via their chosen links (Soundcloud/YouTube), and narrowed it down to 10 artists.

Apart from live performances from urban acts, what else is going to be happening on the day?

There will be a live DJ during each interval, and plus quirky bar food/drink will be available. There is also the opportunity for the artists to sell merchandise, also encouraging them to elevate their own branding. It will be a fantastic night, and if I may say so myself the emerging talent is crazy! I will also be performing at this event.

What valuable advice have you learnt from your own experiences as a performer?

Training professional or working professional you still have to adopt the mindset - Eldé

Who are your musical influences?

I love singers like Adele and Ellie Goulding, they really have their own sound! To be fair I embrace all styles and cultures of music! As music is Love.

What is next?

What's next for me? Well I will continue to showcase my talents in the hopes that somebody out there will listen and review my music not only by ear but from a writers perspective, also that somebody will love what they hear to give me the opportunity to showcase my talent on a global level. What's next for DA UPCOMIN'? My aim is to schedule these events regularly and perhaps start up my own management company for the artists, as well as organising these events.

For more information on Jeniequa Quamina please visit her Facebook, or Twitter links below:

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