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Legends Of Rock – The Originals is one of the few music events that gives established rock legends and future legends equal billing during its three-day event. Set in Great Yarmouth’s 5 star Vauxhall holiday Park, it’s not unknown to see the acts doing a guest slot in other sets, having a drink at the bar and mingling with music fans – where else can you find that! Alongside the wall to wall music, there’s plenty of meet and greet opportunities and chances to get your hands on some merch and wonderful wall art – this year the album art man, Rodney Matthews was also there with some of his legendary work. It’s a fantastic way to get up close and personal with some terrific musical acts.

Friday’s line up was a perfect example of new blood alongside veteran musicians. Blind Tiger and Wicked Faithopened up proceedings on the two stages at Vauxhall Park. One of the rising stars of the rock world,Jupiter Fallsplayed an afternoon slot in the V Arena. JF are a terrific band young from Leeds with a promising future in the rock world and well worth looking out for. All girl trio The Amorettesput on an impressive show that was energetic and ballsy thanks to the gritty vocals from Gill Montgomery and hard rock percussion sisters Hannah and Heather McKay on drums and bass. Over in the V lounge Darke Horse certainly had the head bangers in full throw with a set that included a superb cover of Iron Maiden’s Phantom Of the Opera.

Speaking of the mighty Irons, the mention of former singer Blaze Bayley may still cause mixed emotions with Maiden fans, but back with his own band Wolfsbanehe is certainly at home.

Carl Palmer's ELP Legacyput on an astonishing performance. Watching Carl, his young guitarist and bass player the audience were left dumbfounded and aghast at the sheer mastery of their instruments. Just listening to these guys alone does not do them justice, the full force and power of their music comes from watching that skill in action. From Fanfare of the Common Man to Tarkus this was an extra sensory experience and Carl’s drum solo was an unadulterated example of his genius.

Nazarethfound themselves saddled with the tough job of having to follow Carl Palmer, of course prog may be an acquired taste, but the powerhouse rock of Nazareth remained us why we were all here. We picked our jaws up off the floor and partied the night away to Love hurts, Broken Down Angel and This Flight Tonight. Their new singer Carl Sentance may have only been with the band a few months, but has grabbed hold of the material and really immersed himself in the music. Vocally he is just as powerful as his predecessors and really heralds a new era for the iconic band.

The fantastic Spiral Dive were given the task of waking us up from Friday along with Peckham cowboys and the ever popular Pearl Handled Revolverand Australian band The Graveltones showed off their dirty grungy sound.

A highlight of the weekend was definitely the brilliantly bonkers Evil Scarecrow. This is a band that not only nails the genre they work is, but adds quirky, humour and make no apologies for enjoying themselves and asking the audience to do the same. The lasting effect of their popularity was shown with the song Crabulon, which requires pincer actions that were still being repeated into Sunday.

Walkwayhave supported Status Quo and Black Stone Cherry and were certainly creating a bit of a buzz. These guys may have been youngsters but everything about them oozed 1970s and 80s rock from the big hair, tight trousers, to pouty, flouncy stage craft combined with top musicianship. They also treated us to a new song, Stutter.

Strayare a band that never really had the recognition they deserved despite being hugely talented musos. One consolation for the band must be that without them there would be no Iron Maiden. Vocalist Del Broham once told me Steve Harris invited him to a gig and was so nervous just because Del was going to be in the audience! The band have such amazing energy and stamina live they are a pleasure to watch and were once again a great addition to the weekend.

Sleepy Sunday was not so tranquil once Soulweaver and Cairo Sontook control of the stages. Voodoo Six put on an energetic rock performance packed with some terrific riffs from Matt Pearce and Chris Jones on guitar and vocals from Luke Purdie. Electric Boyshave been around for 25 years and their music combines everything you love about rock, in much the same way as Walkway did the night before.

Ali Clinton joined headliner Uli Jon Roth for an epic guitar packed set fused neo classical metal and some accomplished technical musicianship. Metal Fatigue, a terrific covers band made sure that Sunday night's farewell party went on long into the night. Hats off to Rok Jok Garry Lewis at Hells Bells Disco who provided some kick ass music over the entire weekend to make sure we never lost the will to ROCK OUT inbetween lineups!

Legends Of Rock: The Originals is a well organised, fun, friendly, event for rock fans of all ages. We salute you Classic Rock Tours for putting on a memorable musical weekend!

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