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All American girl Jess Clemmons has joined forces with a very English set of Bandits to form a vibrant, fun; first rate country band. Having released their debut album Here We Go Again earlier this year the quintet have been receiving a fair amount of airplay and gathering a loyal fan base. On their first headline tour the band stopped off at London's prestigious Borderline to perform to a packed venue.

The energetic album opener Ready Set kicked off a fantastic show and certainly had the crowd ready for a hoe-down! The sassy Single Tonight and the paean for the jilted woman She's Not Me (head over to the website for a free download of the track) What If, the most personal song Jess says she has written and another ballsy number, My Name Is Trouble – which just won best video at the British Country Music Awards and the terrific two fingers up at the haters, Nitty Gritty pack this set full of some of the best songs on the album, which they played in full. The Bandits also threw in a couple of outstanding covers including Piece Of My Heart, Wichita Lineman both of which Jess sings magnificently and a Dixie Chicks favourite Some Days You Gotta Dance.

Jess is a naturally charming front woman who can belt out some powerful vocals as good as the best of them but be sexy and sultry in equal measure when required. Lets not forget her band of English guys who play like they just came straight out of Nashville.

Jess and The Bandits are one of the most fun and energetic country bands around blessed with some wonderful songs. Don't let their British roots fool you, these guys (and gal) breath country music from their head to their cowboy boots.

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